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This is the number of people who have a
cell phone.

It's a bit scary, when you think that the
entire world population is about 7.5
billion people.

It's also a sign of progress; it shows that
even people in less richer countries can
afford a cell phone these days.

Also, about 200,000 people buy a tablet
each day.

That is the amount of data that's
uploaded on the Internet each second,
according to Webpage FX.

To give you an idea, a high quality video
that lasts for an hour needs 2-3 GB of
data. It's as if the YouTube users would
upload 10,000 full movies each second!

It's not all about video, though; people
create about 2,000,000 Facebook posts
each minute, for example.
Is YouTube TV the future of traditional television?

Until recently, people were watching TV shows while sitting in their comfortable armchairs,
in their own houses. But now, we can watch live TV wherever we are. We've got access to
the best programs on our phones, tablets or laptops, no matter if we are on our way to
work, in the park, or we are dining in a fancy restaurant.

The YouTube TV service has been launched, and it allows its subscribers to watch live
sports competitions, their preferred shows, or simply get access to the latest news right
from their devices.
Google is not the first company to try and provide cord-cutting TV programming, of course,
but the analysts state that it has the best potential to become the market leader. It's a
bold statement, considering the fact that some of its big competitors include Sling TV,
DirectTV Now and PlayStation Vue. 

However, the main advantage of this new service is that YouTube already has a huge
audience, whereas the other companies are striving to grow their user base. Right now,
YouTube can boast with no less than one billion users from about 100 countries, who are
speaking more than 75 languages.

So, what can you get in exchange for the (quite pricey, if you ask me) $35 monthly fee?

Many people love to watch sports, and YouTube TV has invested a lot of its financial
resources into these types of programs. No favorite team or league was left behind!

This means that you will have access to all the NFL games, the Super Bowl, as well as access
to channels like ESPN, CSN, FOX Sports, National Geographic, Fox News, etc.

When you subscribe to YouTube TV, you will automatically receive a huge list of suggested
shows, which are based on your preferences. Considering the wide range of options, it's
guaranteed that you'll always find something you like.

There is also the option of recording the preferred show, and then watch it later. YouTube
TV has promised its members unlimited storage for their recorded shows, for up to nine
months. Their favorite shows will be automatically recorded on Cloud DVR, so subscribers
will never miss an episode.

More than that, if you will miss the beginning of a particular show, YouTube TV will allow
you to go back, and see it in its entirety. This DVR function will surely manage to attract
lots of people, because most of YouTube's competitors want more money in exchange for
their Cloud DVR services.

Another important feature: YouTube TV will allow up to six family members to watch
content simultaneously. It is a big step ahead of other competitors, who only allow one
viewer at a time with their standard plans.

Will YouTube TV manage to attract young viewers as well? Only time will tell. Youngsters
tend to drift away from traditional TV programs, because they spend many hours online
each day. Many of them have already replaced TV sets with phones or tablets and, as
studies show, the number of people who are watching traditional TV programs has been
constantly dropping within the last decade.